Your Go-To Digital Experts

Whether you are looking to attract more leads, lower the cost of customer acquisition, penetrate the market as a thought leader, increase customer lifetime value or close more sales, consider Dandigital your go-to marketing agency.

Online Paid Marketing

Whether it is your brand, sales or leads, our marketing team will develop campaigns that will meet your business goals. PPC, Display Ads, Local Ads and many more.

Email Marketing

At Dandigital, we provide email marketing services with the aim to present more opportunities for your business and drive a better return on investment.

Social Media Marketing

At Dandigital, we use professional and sound social media marketing techniques to place your brand on a map that is loaded with your target audience.

Who We Are

We help businesses who intend to be market leaders.

The Playing Field 

If you are ready to get on the playing field in a more significant way, and at the same time, move away from red oceans to find your blue ocean opportunity, Dandigital is your company. 

Digital Realm

 If you know that the digital realm is much deeper than and not as superficial as you’ve experienced thus far, Dandigital is your company.  

Time To Move up

Wherever you are on the digital maturity curve, when you know it is your time to move up in a decisive way, Dandigital is your company.  

Case Studies

We help businesses who must get it right immediately.

IT Services Company

Fortune 50 IT services organization with too many leads, but not enough quality. With our help, value of deals increased $6M in one quarter.

Plastics Manufacturer

A plastic company who wanted to be more competitive in the digital landscape. With our help, they ramps up lead gen production 15.6%.

Furniture Manufacturer

With the right eCommerce strategy we optimized digital marketing ROI 439% and exceeded revenue goal 117%.

Health Club

Digital Marketing: A personal best for health club chain. With our help, conversion rates increased 745% and costs decreased 452%.

Contact Us

Whether you’re looking for an digital marketing agency to help you achieve your digital marketing goals, or are a customer in need of support, we are here to help.

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